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How art gave Julie Martin-Davy a new lease of life

Suffering a life-changing injury affects the whole family. Overnight, Armed Forces families, like Julie’s, must start from scratch and tackle new daily challenges.

Julie’s partner, Mark, injured his back in 2009 whilst serving in the Army. Putting the injury to the back of his mind, the pain grew worse and he struggled for years without seeking help. Eventually needing to use a wheelchair, it affected his mental health and Julie became his main carer:

“When I met Mark, I was a very creative person, painting and drawing were just some of my favourites. They seemed to get pushed away when he was injured, I didn’t have time for it anymore.”

The couple first encountered Help for Heroes a few months before Mark’s medical discharge in 2014. From this point, Julie and Mark were introduced to Help for Heroes’ Fellowship Networks - Band of Brothers and Band of Sisters - which helped them both greatly:

“That was when I realised that it wasn’t just me struggling through life. I found friends, advice and support when I needed it most.”

Thanks to support from Help for Heroes, Julie was able to reignite her passion in art and now uses it for respite:

“I have created an art room in the house where I shut myself away with a cup of tea. I just concentrate on the piece of paper in front of me – it takes my mind off everything!

“Painting and creating have benefitted me, whilst Mark has made friends, found new hobbies and is slowly gaining his independence and courage to do things unaided again.”

Help for Heroes exists to give Veterans, Service Personnel and their families specialist support to aid recovery from wounds both visible and hidden.

Help Julie and countless other families receive the help they need to rebuild their lives.

Life changing projects like Creative Force rely on public generosity. By donating today, you are enabling more wounded Veterans and their families to recover from physical and psychological injuries. 

"When he is having a bad day, it drags me down too. I have to stay positive and cheerful for him."

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