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How Lucinda Barker stitched together a brighter future

Lucinda’s life changed overnight when her ten-year Army career was suddenly cut short. Diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome she was medically discharged:

“I had to change my goals. I was always physically active and had represented the British Army Sailing Team – now I struggle to do physical exercise.”

“I was always very goal driven, but with Chronic Fatigue – I had to change my outlook. Previously success was measured at work or through physical achievement. Now, success is making something beautiful.”

After serving around the world and taking part in many sailing competitions, Lucinda had collected various t-shirts and polo shirts. She decided to show them off in a unique way – and turned them into a quilt:

“I looked to see if I could put them together and turn them into something different, and it went from there. Cutting up the t-shirts was incredibly cathartic, and turning them into something beautiful, even more so.

I was able to show my Army history on one side and chose a floral pattern on the reverse side to represent my civilian life now.

Because of my Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, I don't always want to be reminded of the military. So, the floral side currently spends more time on top… I'm hoping one day that both sides will get equal viewing.”

Today, Lucinda finds creativity enables her to set her own pace, even when illness is limiting other aspects of her life:

“Getting involved in new, creative projects has helped me adapt to setting new goals – I work on something that has a tangible product and I feel like I’ve achieved something.

It feels fantastic having my work selective for the Creative Force exhibition, I’m really looking forward to seeing it there. For other people to visually see my history and career feels amazing and it’s pretty cool.”

Every day, highly-trained individuals, like Lucinda, face an unknown future because they have been wounded, or they may have developed a serious illness whilst serving our country.

Help Lucinda and countless others who put their lives on the line for us have a second chance at life.

Life changing projects like Creative Force rely on public generosity. By donating today, you are enabling more wounded Veterans and their families to recover from physical and psychological injuries. 

"I was always very goal driven, but with Chronic Fatigue – I had to change my outlook."

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