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How Penny Lyons carved a new path in life

In an instant highly-trained individuals, like Penny, face an unknown future because they have been wounded, or they may have developed a serious illness whilst serving our country.

A Military Administrator with the Army for 20 years, Penny’s job took her all over the world. Then, in 2004 she broke her neck in a swimming pool accident.

Resulting in a lumber injury, which deteriorated over the years, Penny experienced permanent pain and restricted movement in her lower back and right leg. However, it was mental health reasons that led to her medical discharge in 2013:

“My brain is still broken. I go through cycles of depression and have bad short-term memory, anxiety issues and panic attacks. Physically too, I am massively hindered.”

After her discharge, and continuing to struggle with her mental health, Penny decided to try woodwork:

“Something gnawed away at me, telling me I was to do it. So, I bought a cheap lathe and taught myself how to use it and found that I enjoyed it.”

Discovering this creative outlet has proven to be a vital element in her recovery: "My workshop is my therapy centre, my sanctuary. When I have a bit of wood in my hand, I can focus on it and the rest of the world disappears. There is just me, my tool and the wood.”

Day-to-day life should never be a struggle, for anyone. Sadly, for many of those we support this is the case. Every day Veterans, Service Personnel and their families need specialist help to aid recovery from wounds both visible and hidden.

Help Penny and countless others who put their lives on the line for us have a second chance at life. 

Life changing projects like Creative Force rely on public generosity. By donating today, you are enabling more wounded Veterans and their families to recover from physical and psychological injuries. 

"My brain is still broken. I go through cycles of depression. Physically too, I am massively hindered.”"

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